Discover our complete range of hair serum: keratin gold, fortifying and reparing, instant shine. Ideal for every kind of hair. 



The anti-expression lines serum has a high concentration of Syn-Ake.

Serums, Anti-ageing / anti-wrinkles, Innolift
57,90 €
Serum hidratante hialuronico
Serum hidratante hialuronico 1

The quickly absorbed wrinkle correction moisturizing serum is composed of ...

Serums, Anti-ageing / anti-wrinkles, Moisturizing, Innosource
47,90 €
Serum regenerador antioxidante
Serum regenerador antioxidante7

This light, non-greasy and fast absorbing serum leaves your skin moisturized ...

Serums, Regenerative, Regenessent
47,90 €

The rejuvenating Serum smoothes the skin and improves its elasticity and ...

Serums, Anti-ageing / anti-wrinkles, Innocence
57,90 €